When you make your order, an inventory check is conducted. If your order is not fillable, your money will be refunded.

DOMESTIC SHIPPING If your order is fillable and ships to the continental United States, your order will ship immediately. If your order ships to AK, HI, APO, PR or other U.S.A. territory, I may request additional funds for postage.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING If your order is fillable and ships internationally, your initial payment is for the merchandise. A second payment will be necessary for postage. You can speed up shipping by estimating and sending international shipping when ordering as calculated at this URL:


  1. Enter your country as the Destination Country,
  2. Enter the value of the merchandise,
  3. Choose a shipping date and time,
  4. Click on fourth package choice “Calculate Price Based on Shape and Size”.
  5. The page will change.
  6. Choose Standard, and enter 5 pounds, zero ounces.
  7. Then choose the fourth package choice “Large Package Any Dimension over 12 inches”.
  8. The page will change.
  9. Rectangular, Standard, Length 18, Height 4, Width 14, and then click Continue.
  10. The next page will display shipping choices.
  11. The best value will be Priority Mail International which is the choice I recommend.